R/S/T Rated
60/65/70/75 Series

Exclusively designed for commercial light truck applications, with advanced tread compounds and an exclusive durable carcass to get you through the toughest of winter conditions.


  • Winter Grip

    Specialized tread formula for icy and snowy weather. The tire with preciously-cut sipes brings stronger grip while driving and effectively reduces fuel cost.

  • Braking

    Intersecting blocks, grooves, and sipes ensure greater control and braking while driving on ice

  • Winter Handling

    Circumferential winding pattern grooves provide excellent drainage of snow and water to increase control in winter conditions.

  • Winter Handling

    Tread formula compounds ensure the tire maintain elasticity and softness in extreme cold weather conditions.

  • Long Mileage Driving

    Tread formula compounds improve hydroplaning resistance, lower rolling resistance, extend the tire life and mileage.

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