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All Terrain
S/T/R/Q Rated
U.T.Q.G 700/A/B
50/60/65/70/75 Series

For aggressive all-terrain driving, the best on/off-road tire for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, a tough pattern design and block structure to conquer all kinds of road.


  • Drainage

    Aggressive open shoulder tread design, effeciently expels snow, water, slush, and mud for optimum traction in all-terrain conditions.

  • Braking

    The unique pattern design enhances driving stability and effectively reduces noise for a greater driving experience.

  • Safety

    The sidewall is designed to be scratch resistant which helps ensure longer service life. Also comes with novelty white lettering, And helps to minimize damage from off-road impact.

  • Comfort

    Solid center rib provides superior comfort and handling.

  • Handling

    Special composite materials make up the tire tread to provide improved grip and excellent control on wet and dry surfaces while also increasing the tire's usable life.

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