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Highway Terrain
T/H/V/Y Rated
U.T.Q.G 500/A/B
50/55/60/65/70/75 Series

A high-performance tire for premium sport utility vehicles. This pattern meets all the conditions required for premium SUV’s with excellent wet performance, low noise, rolling resistance and excellent mileage.


  • Quiet Driving

    Upgraded pattern design, wider grooves, and center rib ensure excellent performance on paved and unpaved roads, provide smooth driving in the fields.

  • Wet Dry Handling

    Open shoulder design improves stability and traction when taking sharp turns on damp and dry roads.

  • Ultra Wet Traction

    Unique pattern design, wide main grooves, and masses of small grooves provide ultra traction and excellent draining on wet pavements.

  • Ultra Wear- resistant Compound

    Ultra Wear-Resistant carbon black particles improve wet skid resistance and wear resistance, increase the tire life and mileage.

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