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Highway Terrain
H Rated
U.T.Q.G 420/A/B
65/70 Series

Special grooves, shoulder and rim design for SUVs, provide excellent draining, handling and comfortable driving.


  • Comfort

    Upgraded pattern design, wider grooves and center rib, ensures good performance on paved and unpaved roads, provides excellent sporty properties and driving comfort in the fields.

  • Silence

    Upgraded asymmetric tread pattern design helps to efficiently reduce noise, providing quiet and comfortable driving.

  • Safety

    Upgraded compounds and tread pattern design provide excellent performance under various road conditions, ensuring safe driving.

  • Handling

    Wider center rib, grooves, and big blocks pattern design on both sides, provide greater traction and handling stability, ensure exact cornering and braking.

  • Drainage

    Wider central grooves and masses of small grooves provide excellent draining, gripping, and driving performance on wet pavements.

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